Tom Tomorrow comic: Republican freshmen bankrolled by AT&T and Verizon

tomtmrw-freshmen-blog-post-hero-599x490If you’re a progressive, this Tom Tomorrow comic on the Republican freshmen in Congress will scare you.

But if you’re a customer of Big Telecom, it will also infuriate you. Because during the 2014 midterms, AT&T and Verizon bankrolled every single one of these dreadful candidates. In other words, the money you spent on your mobile phone service went to a company that helped elect them.

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Workers win big wage victories

At Walmart, about 500,000 hourly workers will be getting a raise, thanks in part to CREDO members who launched campaigns calling on Walmart and its directors for higher wages. CREDO members have supported this fight by donating $50,332 in 2014 to OUR Walmart, which helps Walmart workers organize for fair wages and humane working conditions.
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CREDO members power nearly $2.4 million in progressive donations

CREDO members helped raise nearly $2.4 million for progressive activism and infrastructure in 2014. This funding could not be more crucial or timely, as Republicans and right-wing politicians—many of them funded by AT&T and Verizon—have seized control in both houses of Congress.

Now more than ever, progressive groups need support to fight back against the GOP’s dangerous, unjust and unconstitutional agenda. And in the past year our members have delivered big-time. Here’s what we accomplished together in 2014. Read More

What a year for progressive politics: 2014 CREDO activism report

Looking to 2015, the outcome of literally thousands of fights will depend on what we can do together.

That’s because what we’ve learned in 2014 is the willingness of President Obama and his fellow Democrats to stand up for what is right often comes down to whether progressives like us organize to hold them accountable.

In many ways, this past year has been a tough one for those who care about social change. Democrats lost control of the Senate in the midterms. Grand juries in Ferguson and Staten Island declined to send to trial the white police officers who killed two unarmed African-American men. Our federal elected officials continue to pursue an all-of-the-above strategy on energy and, as a result, aren’t doing nearly enough to stop the terrifying march of climate change.

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