CREDO exclusive: New Tom Tomorrow comic on the Supreme Court Vacancy

For progressives who care about money in politics, gun safety, the environment and nearly any other issue of consequence, it is critical that we win the fight against Republican obstruction of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. CREDO members have played a huge part in the fight for Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Learn more.

3 progressive-friendly apps for your smartphone

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These days there are phone apps for everyone. Apps for travelers, apps for foodies and apps for exercise enthusiasts. There’s an app called Carrr Matey that guides you back to your parking spot in a pirate voice.

There are also apps that help progressive people support the issues they care about. Here are three of our favorites.

Buycott: Buy this, not that
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Organic produce, a hybrid car, nontoxic cleaning solutions. Sometimes it’s easy choose the more sustainable product when you’re shopping. But in many cases it’s not. Buycott makes it easy to shop progressively. Just use your smartphone camera to scan a product’s barcode, then wait a few seconds while Buycott gathers information on the maker, so you can decide to give the company your money or not. Buycott often suggests alternatives. And the app offers quick ways to join campaigns for causes you believe in, like demanding labels on GMO foods and saving honeybees from pesticides. Read More

Great news: The DOJ is investigating voter disenfranchisement in Arizona

Big news: The Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched an investigation into voter disenfranchisement in Arizona’s March 22 primary election.1

This development came after more than 113,000 other CREDO activists signed our petition to the DOJ demanding an immediate investigation.

In a letter sent Friday to Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, the chief of the DOJ’s Voting Rights section requested ten specific pieces of information, ranging from the criteria for determining the number and location of polling locations to the number of bilingual staff and poll workers assigned to each polling location. The letter requested comprehensive responses by April 22, and Maricopa County officials have already indicated that they plan to cooperate. Read More

Why every day is Earth Day at CREDO

CREDO staff volunteering at Slide Ranch, a nonprofit that teaches environmental stewardship to children

Earth Day is a day for all of us to embrace the reality that the future of our planet is in our hands. A day to realize that what we do—or don’t do—determines whether our planet survives. This is why we at CREDO do all we can, on Earth Day and every day.

We give vital support to nonprofit organizations working hard for the environment. Since 1985, we’ve donated over $17 million to groups like Friends of the Earth, InsideClimate News, Rainforest Action Network, and Earthjustice. These donations are generated by our customers who vote each month to distribute the funding to the groups we support. Read More

VICTORY: California raises the minimum wage to $15 per hour

We did it. On Thursday to cheers of “Si se puede,” the California Legislature passed a historic bill to raise the minimum wage in California to $15 per hour.

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign the bill into law on Monday. With his signature, California will become the first state in the nation to have a $15 minimum wage.

This is a huge moment in the fight to lift millions out of poverty and raise wages for our state’s poorest workers – and we couldn’t have done this without grassroots activism. Read More

Help stop the Republican Supreme Court Obstructionist Club: Round up your bill


At CREDO, we’re doing all we can to fight back against and call attention to Republicans’ unprecedented Supreme Court obstruction and hold them accountable for their cynical effort to block the nomination of Merrick Garland and appoint another right-wing judge who would oppose women’s rights, side with corporations over workers and the environment, and permit big money to continue hijacking our elections.

You can help break the Republican blockade. As a CREDO Mobile customer you can round up your bill in April and we’ll send your tax-deductible contribution to three groups fighting to ensure Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Garland: Alliance for Justice, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, and People For the American Way Foundation. Read More

Why it is critical that we defeat Republicans’ unprecedented Supreme Court obstruction

Our allies at the Alliance for Justice recently explained what a single seat on the Supreme Court could mean for all of the issues we as progressives care deeply about. In just this term:

The court is considering whether states can enact restrictions on abortion providers that may render Roe v. Wade a functional nullity; whether the government can effectively regulate the emissions of coal-burning power plants and meaningfully address climate change; whether public-sector workers can organize in effective unions; whether affirmative action is dead or alive; and whether the president’s policies on immigration are valid.

For years conservatives have counted on the Court as a key arm in their effort to repeal every progressive reform we have made as a country during the last 100 years. Putting it simply – they want to repeal the 20th century. Read More

Fighting back against discrimination in North Carolina

CREDO fights for equality and opposes discrimination in any form. We celebrated the city of Charlotte’s efforts to stand with transgender people and make their city more inclusive of all its residents. And in that same vein, we strongly condemn the actions of Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina legislators who used Charlotte’s bold action for equality as an opportunity to stoke anti-transgender fears, threaten the safety of transgender North Carolinians, and legislate hate and discrimination. This is unacceptable. Our country has no place for hateful, discriminatory laws.

CREDO is proud to be part of the nationwide opposition to this new discriminatory law in North Carolina. In recent weeks CREDO activists have been fighting back against legislative attempts all over the country to discriminate against transgender children. We are not going to give in to extremists’ fear mongering about transgender students and legitimize their segregation, humiliation, and isolation. We will continue to apply political pressure wherever it is needed to stand with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, their families and their communities. Read More

A Special Delivery for Pfizer

Pfizer — one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies that makes billions off of U.S. government contracts, develops and sells its drugs in the U.S., and relies on our roads and workforce — is planning to desert Americans to the tune of billions of dollars.

That’s because, through a terrible but legal practice called “corporate inversion,” Pfizer plans to merge with a tiny European rival company so that it can avoid paying the taxes it owes to the U.S. by moving its tax address offshore. That’s vital money — nearly $35 billion — that could be used to support infrastructure, education, and health care for Americans.

That’s why we decided to team up with our friends at Americans for Tax Fairness and Democracy for America to make a big push to stand with Elizabeth Warren in support of the “Stop Corporate Inversions Act,” so that Pfizer’s cynical plan will no longer be legal.

Our petitions were delivered last week to Congress:

The names of 272,000 people – including more than 140,000 CREDO activists – were delivered to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and to Sen. Richard Durbin, Sen. Jack Reed, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the leading sponsors and supporters of the bill.

Pfizer is just the latest example in a disturbing pattern of corporate tax dodgers. With passage of the Stop Corporate Inversions Act, we can put an end to it once and for all. You can join the effort to end corporate inversions by adding your name to the petition.

3 More Battery-Saving Tips for Your Smartphone

Earlier in March, I wrote about three tricks to extend battery life on any smartphone, like turning off WiFi when you’re not using it, shortening your screen lock time and minimizing the activity of apps you don’t use. Unfortunately, there have not been great advances in battery technology since my previous post, so I’m back with three more tips to save battery life:

1. Turn down screen brightness.
This is a tried-and-true battery tip: if you cut down the amount of light you ask your smartphone to put out every time you check email, send a text, etc., you’ll save battery juice. Most smartphones make it easy to adjust brightness with shortcuts to your brightness setting. On many devices, you can do it by simply sliding your finger up or down on your homescreen. Sidenote: turning down brightness may also help you sleep better. It turns out that using a bright phone before bedtime can interfere with your body’s natural sleep hormones. Read More