Tuesday Tip: 5 Ways to Have a Greener BBQ

5 Ways to Have a Greener BBQ With summer approaching and the Fourth of July right around the corner, you might be sweeping the leaves off the ol’ BBQ and wire-brushing the grill. Well, we don’t want to… Read More

PRIDE 2018 Free Posters to Download

June is Pride Month, and here at CREDO, we’re celebrating along with our friends and allies in the LGBTQ community. We know that with LGBTQ rights under constant attack by Trump, extremists in Congress, and elected officials in… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 4 Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Tuesday Tip: 4 Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles Summer heat is on its way, and it’s important to stay hydrated. You could grab a bottle of water at the store, but chances are the bottle will be made… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 5 Gift Ideas for Progressive Dads and Grads

Good gifts for great people: celebrating dads and grads! June is the month for celebrating fathers and graduates: The grads for what they’ve just done, and the dads for what they do every day. If you’re shopping for… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use This Summer

Tuesday Tip: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use This Summer People were cooler in the ’80s. Literally. The last time the global monthly temperature was below average was February 1985. Which means that if you were born… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 6 National Parks to Visit this Summer

Plenty of parking: This summer, visit a national park With summer on the way, you might be planning a vacation. Here’s a suggestion: go to a national park—because the great outdoors is always a good idea. You might… Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to Watch Facebook Livestream and YouTube Live Video

For better or worse, the world is now full of live broadcasters. With a smartphone and an app, anyone – individuals, celebrities, politicians or businesses – can easily tap, shoot and share live streaming videos with the world…. Read More

Tuesday Tip: Wasted – How You Can Help Stop Food Waste

Wasted: How you can help stop food waste What if you took nearly half the food you buy and threw it away? That’s what we do as a nation every year. Around 40% of the food we produce… Read More

Tuesday Tip: Twitter Basics for New Users

If you’re not a Twitter user yourself, you may know it mainly as the platform Donald Trump relies on to attack his enemies and share his unhinged rants with the world. But if you try it yourself you… Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to Update Phone Software and Become Harder and More Expensive to Hack

Not sure why you should update? Update your software for mobile phone security. “Keep your software updated!” is the closest thing we have to mobile phone security advice that will work for everyone. But the reasoning behind it… Read More