Today – August 22 – is the day Black women’s wages finally catch up

The wage gap between women and men in the United States is persistent and unacceptable.  Women in the United States today still make $500,000 to $1.2 million dollars less than their male co-workers over the course of their …

Victory: Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta resigned

Activism works. Thanks to sustained pressure by CREDO and our allies, including CREDO members who generated more than 170,000 petition signatures, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta resigned this July. Before his tenure as Trump’s labor secretary, Acosta worked …

AT&T is making millions from Trump’s racist deportation agenda

Donald Trump is ramping up his attacks on immigrant communities more than he ever has before. His deportation regime is holding human beings in concentration camps, executing mass raids on immigrant families and communities, and forcing millions of …

Our July grantees Planned Parenthood Action Fund, She the People and Transgender Law Center thank CREDO members for their support

Each month, CREDO members vote on how we distribute funding to three incredible organizations. Those small actions add up – with one click, they help fund groups fighting for reproductive freedom, empowering progressive women of color and protecting …

Rein in data collection by your Android apps

Apps need access to certain information in order to work. For example, a navigation app needs access to your location. But a lot of apps want permission or access to unrelated data or information. Learn how to control these permissions and block apps from accessing information they don’t need.

What is “Medicare for All”?

Fifty-four years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law, the overwhelmingly popular program that provides health care and supports the economic security for more than 58 million seniors. Yet, despite Medicare’s overwhelming success, we continue …

Maine enacts state-level Green New Deal law to address climate crisis

If the federal government is incapable or unwilling to seriously tackle the climate crisis, lawmakers at the state level are ready to step up to take on the fight. In June, one of the first-ever state-level Green New …

How to plan an ocean or park clean-up in your community

Concerned about trash in your parks or beaches? Organize a community cleanup project! They’re a great way to reduce waste. Here are 8 easy tips for how to plan a successful beach or park cleanup day.

CREDO Tip: 3 Ways to Boost Your Privacy on an Android Phone

As a mobile carrier, CREDO makes protecting our members’ privacy one of our top priorities, and we have a long record of fighting for their privacy rights. That’s why we’d like to share three more ways you can protect the data on your Android device and hide your web activity. 

AT&T donated $2.7 million to 193 anti-LGBTQ politicians

AT&T can rainbow-stripe its logo for Pride Month, wave the rainbow flag and claim it supports the LGBTQ community, but none of those things can make up for the fact that AT&T is directly funding politicians who are fighting equality and LGBTQ rights.