New video: How to protect the vote this November with the Brennan Center

On Oct. 18, we were pleased to host a very special live event with CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess and Brennan Center for Justice President Michael Waldman, who discussed how to protect the vote this November and every… Read More

Millennials and the Midterms: The Potential Power of the RAE

I’m 25. When I get the question “what do you do?” from people my age, I excitedly explain that I work at a non-profit that focuses on voting. Unfortunately, I hear responses like… voting doesn’t actually matter… there’s… Read More

CREDO Mobile is behind the mysterious Ted Cruz artwork in Texas. Here’s why we did it.

Over the last few weeks, mysterious artwork of right-wing Sen. Ted Cruz popped up around Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas on plywood billboards, posters, and other public places: Multiple media outlets, social media users, and voters questioned… Read More

Mystery Ted Cruz Posters Revealed to Represent Stand Against Gun Violence

Mystery Ted Cruz Posters Revealed to Represent Stand Against Gun Violence CREDO Mobile Connects the Dots on Posters of Senator Cruz Appearing in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin Ahead of Senatorial Debate (Multiple Locations, TX) — Today, CREDO… Read More

Mitch McConnell quotes CREDO’s Heidi Hess on the Senate floor

It’s not often you get quoted on the Senate floor – but that’s what happened last week. Last Thursday, an angry and defiant Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor to rail on our quickly… Read More

CREDO’s 2018 Voter Registration Dates Guide

CREDO’s 2018 Voter Registration Dates Guide: Find your voting registration, absentee, and early vote dates state-by-state Voting is a privilege. An honor. And, most importantly, our duty. The 2018 midterm elections will be one of the most consequential… Read More

Furious. Grateful. Committed. Voting.

Furious. Grateful. Committed. That’s how we’re feeling here at CREDO as the Senate gives Brett Kavanaugh a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. We’re furious at the misogyny and white supremacy that put a liar and accused sexual… Read More

CREDO victories and activism in September and October

One month ago, no one thought it was possible to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. In fact, the experts and pundits all thought he would be confirmed by now. But they weren’t counting… Read More

Victory: California enacts meaningful net neutrality protections

Huge grassroots victory! Thanks to hundreds of thousands of activists, including thousands of CREDO members who would not give up the fight against all odds, Californians will have real, meaningful net neutrality protections. Californians won out against one… Read More

CREDO is rising up for climate, jobs and justice every day

Thanks in part to CREDO members and thousands of activists across the world who joined us and our allies on Sept. 8, the Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice marches were a big success. More than 250,000 people… Read More