Ray Morris


Ray comes to CREDO with more than 25 years of executive experience in rapidly changing, highly competitive environments. He has worked in strategic product development and management, software engineering, technology innovation, business operations, marketing, sales and executive team leadership, leading senior-level teams in communications, hosting, marketing services and Internet commerce. Ray brings with him a passion for building high-performing teams focused on delivering exceptional value and service to their customers. He has a comprehensive understanding of how to recognize, develop and lead people, technology and partnerships to ensure profitable business growth through innovation and an empowered employee culture. Among his notable past roles are positions as managing director of ABSI Consulting, VP of product management at Metapath Software, CIO and CTO at NTT/Verio, COO at Greatcall, CIO and CTO of Vertis Communications, and CTO and CEO at Clickbank. Ray’s particular areas of interest in CREDO activism include the environment, civil liberties, and the rights of women, minorities and the LGBT community.

Posts by Ray Morris: