CREDO Tips: Ocean Plastic Problem: 5 Ways You Can Help Stop It

Last month, a 1,110-pound whale washed up on a beach in the Philippines with 88 pounds of plastic inside its body. A few weeks later, a pregnant sperm whale was found dead off the coast of Sardinia, Italy,… Read More

The Green New Deal Isn’t Unrealistic, It’s Necessary

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been scared about climate change. Growing up, I heard about how my hometown of Boston could be largely underwater by the end of the century. I grew up watching increasingly… Read More

CREDO has a long record of fighting for our members’ privacy rights

Here at CREDO, we take customer privacy very seriously. In fact, respecting our customers’ privacy rights is a core mission of our company, and we have a long history of fighting for it. Unlike other carriers like AT&T… Read More

CREDO Tips: 4 tips to tell you if a news story is real or fake

It’s Donald Trump favorite way to dismiss real news he doesn’t like. Ironically, he’s guilty of spreading so many lies – more than 8,000 in his first two years – that he’s a one-person fake news outlet. Sadly,… Read More

Did AT&T violate federal law by contributing $2 million to Trump’s inauguration?

New subpoenas could shed some light AT&T could be in the hot seat with federal and state prosecutors and Congress for its $2 million donation to Trump’s inaugural committee. Recently, federal officials, state attorneys general across three jurisdictions… Read More

The Best Tech & Lifestyle Tips from 2019 So Far

Time certainly does fly – we’re already one-quarter of the way through 2019! Time to take stock of the progress you’ve made on your New Year’s resolutions, file your taxes and nail down your Pride plans. Here’s a… Read More

Victory: Key House Democrat requests Trump’s tax returns

Thanks in part to CREDO members who generated more than 87,000 petition signatures and more than 1,300 phone calls, House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal finally requested Donald Trump’s tax returns from the IRS. This victory was… Read More

Victory: House passes Violence Against Women Act

Activism works! Thanks in part to CREDO members who recently generated more than 144,000 petition signatures, the House of Representatives passed the Violence Against Women Act after years of obstruction by Donald Trump’s Republican minions in Congress. Congress… Read More

Victory: Maryland passes clean energy jobs legislation

Victory! Both chambers of the Maryland General Assembly recently passed – by veto-proof margins – a landmark clean energy and jobs bill that will put the state on a path to 100% renewable energy by 2040. More than… Read More

Victory: Congress votes to end U.S. involvement in Yemen

Victory! Thanks to hundreds of thousands of CREDO activists and allies who raised their voices to fight back against the war in Yemen and helped bring an end to this horrible humanitarian crisis, Congress voted to end U.S…. Read More