New Video: Interview with Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell

On March 28, we were honored to host Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell at CREDO headquarters for a special interview with CREDO Action Campaign Director Nicole Regalado, where they discussed harnessing grassroots political power to reclaim… Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to Stop Auto-Updates on an Android Cell Phone

We’ve all been there. In the midst of a discussion, you state a fact that your friend doubts. For example, you tell your friend that two U.S. presidents have been impeached. But your friend insists that number is… Read More

Victory: FOX News will not host Democratic presidential debate

Victory! After more than 56,000 CREDO activists and allies signed the petition to demand that Democrats not legitimize hate-spewing FOX News with a presidential debate, the Democratic National Committee announced that it would not partner with FOX to… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 5 ways to green your garden for spring

March 20 is the first day of spring. And if you have a garden, you’ve probably started thinking about what improvements you’ll make this year. Here’s an idea: Make your garden greener. But aren’t all gardens green? Actually,… Read More

Victory: We just forced JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo to stop financing private prisons

UPDATE: On March 12, in response to questioning by progressive champion Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a House Financial Services hearing, Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan confirmed that the company will no longer finance two private prison companies detaining… Read More

The Trump-GOP Tax Cuts Are a Huge Failure. Now What?

Shrinking tax refunds this winter have raised renewed skepticism over the Trump-GOP tax plan rushed into law in late 2017. While a smaller refund doesn’t necessarily mean higher taxes, there’s plenty else in the Republican law for working… Read More

A Year of Climate Change Evidence: Notes from a Science Reporters Journal

2018 was filled with new evidence and warnings of the high risks and costs of climate change. Our heat-stricken planet is orbiting through the end of a year that humanity might rather forget. But several recent climate reports… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 6 Ways to Fight for Reproductive Rights

It’s a frightening thought: Republicans have never been closer to overturning Roe v. Wade. Donald Trump used his stage at the State of the Union address to repeat anti-abortion advocates’ lies. His administration is working to implement the… Read More

Victory: House votes to block Trump’s illegal emergency declaration

After massive public pressure, including from more than 150,000 CREDO members who signed an urgent petition, the House of Representatives voted to revoke Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a wasteful and racist wall on the southern border…. Read More

How CREDO members’ support helped the ACLU, Amazon Watch and other progressive groups

Since our founding, CREDO has supported progressive nonprofits on the front lines of the most important fights for civil rights, climate justice, equality and more. The donations we make to these organizations – $150,000 each month – wouldn’t… Read More