Make MLK Day a “day on,” not a day off

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, Jan. 21. Encouragingly, the day is growing in recognition, with about 42 percent of U.S. businesses now giving workers the day off, which is more than give Presidents Day. Also encouraging… Read More

Tuesday Tip: Why direct action is an essential part of the Women’s March

Throughout our nation’s history, the fight for civil rights and equality has never been fully realized without resistance. Today, many people associate “resistance” with opposition to the dangerous and hateful person occupying the White House. But resistance to… Read More

On Roe v. Wade’s 46th anniversary, what does the new Supreme Court mean for reproductive rights?

It’s a frightening thought: Republicans have never been closer to overturning Roe v. Wade. With Brett Kavanaugh now sitting on the Supreme Court, the court’s solidly conservative 5-4 majority has a real opportunity to overturn the landmark case… Read More

Does the person who cleans your home have benefits? They should. It’s easy with Alia.

Do you know if the person who cleans your home has benefits? If she is sick, can she take a day off to recover without worrying about losing a day’s pay? If she is an independent cleaner –… Read More

Top Tuesday Tips of 2018

Join us in counting down our top 5 Tuesday Tips of 2018 We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Tuesday Tips this past year. We’ve certainly enjoyed writing them —and providing you with useful information on a wide range… Read More

Tuesday Tip: Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Fight Climate Change

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! Here at CREDO, we’re looking ahead to what we can do to make positive change for our communities, our environment, and our world. To get you off on the right foot,… Read More

Free Posters to Download for the Women’s March on January 19

Need posters for the Women’s March on January 19th? CREDO has you covered! You can download a high-resolution PDF of any of our posters for free! We look forward to being a part of the #WomensWave with you…. Read More

How CREDO members’ support helped the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other progressive groups

Since our founding, CREDO has supported progressive nonprofits on the frontlines of the most important fights for civil rights, climate justice, equality and more. The donations we make to these organizations – $150,000 each month – wouldn’t be… Read More

Victory: Cyntoia Brown granted clemency

Activism can help tip the scales of justice: Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam granted clemency to Cyntoia Brown. In 2004, Brown was a 16-year old whose adult boyfriend was trafficking her for sex. When she killed a man who… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 3 Ways to Limit Your Facebook Data Usage

Overage charges. Like parking tickets and Sean Hannity, they’re one of those annoyances in life that we try to avoid. One way you can avoid overage charges on your bill is to limit data usage by apps like… Read More