Tuesday Tip: How to choose a cell phone

Tips for Choosing the Right Cell Phone Your phone is just about the most useful thing you own. So when you’re buying a new one, it’s essential that you choose the right one  – and the right plan… Read More

New video: Jane Kleeb of the Bold Alliance visits CREDO headquarters

Jane Kleeb, founder of the Bold Alliance, joined CREDO for a special conversation to discuss how the organization tackled the Keystone XL pipeline and its recent work with CREDO and other environmental groups on the Solar XL project…. Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to use your phone as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot

These days, almost any smartphone can also work as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. That means you can use it to connect a laptop, tablet or another phone to the internet, same as you’d use the Wi-Fi connection at… Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to block a phone number

Scammers, telemarketers, robocalls. There are a lot of different reasons why you might want to block certain numbers. Luckily, there are ways to do it on Android and iOS phones. They take a bit of tapping, but it’s… Read More

What is 4G LTE (and why you should care)

4G LTE. You’ve seen the billboards and the TV commercials and the ads on the side of the bus. But you might not know exactly what it means—and how it can make a difference in your daily life…. Read More

Resisting Trump’s racist war on Dreamers

If there’s one singular issue that solidified Donald Trump’s core racist base during his campaign — and now his occupation of the White House — it’s his blind hatred of immigrants. From his absurd proposal to build a… Read More

VICTORY: California enacts landmark legislation to protect immigrants

We just threw a huge wrench in Donald Trump’s deportation agenda. Thanks to the relentless activism of our friends at the ICE Out of California Coalition and tens of thousands of CREDO members, Gov. Brown signed the California… Read More

Activism works: CREDO members helped to defeat Trumpcare again

Progressive grassroots activists, including hundreds of thousands of dedicated CREDO members, saved health care coverage for tens of millions of Americans – yet again. Despite right-wing extremist Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s best efforts, some Senate Republicans… Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to text from your computer

There are times when it’s quite useful to send a text message from your computer to a cell phone. Maybe you’ve lost your own phone, you’re over your text limit for the month or you’re at some exotic… Read More

Update: CREDO fights for your privacy in the face of government intrusion

Protecting privacy is a core value for CREDO and a hallmark of our promise to our customers. We value your privacy, and we will fight to defend it. Last year, after we successfully fought a federal government gag… Read More