Dear Google: Don’t be evil. Dump Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the CREDO Action team joined Bay Area activists and our friends at ColorOfChange, UltraViolet, Bend the Arc, Center for Media Justice, Daily Kos, Courage Campaign, Free Press Action Fund and SumOfUs to deliver 500,000 petition signatures… Read More

The National LGBTQ Task Force visits CREDO Headquarters

We’ve made a lot of progress for LGBTQ rights in recent years. Large majorities of the American public now favor nondiscrimination laws, hate crime laws, and relationship recognition for gay and lesbian couples. States and cities across the… Read More

#PanamaPapers: How CREDO is fighting back against secretive “shell” corporations

The secret world of tax evasion by the world’s super-rich elite was recently blown wide open with an explosive media leak being called the “Panama Papers.” More than 11 million documents from the secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack… Read More

Earth Week Climate Challenge #2: Green Your Community

Green your community. Think globally, act locally. It’s more than a bumper sticker. It’s a framework for a sustainable economy focused on community strength, support and resilience. You’ve no doubt heard of the sharing economy. You may already… Read More

5 ways to keep your data usage low

Most of us now use our smartphones to do stuff online. Check our email, read the news, watch a video. And whenever we do, we’re using data—sometimes a lot of it. How much? Here are a few common… Read More

Earth Week Climate Challenge #1: Green Your Food

Green your food. The food you choose is important. It’s important to your health, obviously. But it’s also important to the health of your family, your community—and your planet. It’s true. Choose your food wisely and you can… Read More

#DoYourJob hits the front steps of the Supreme Court

Photo Credit: People for the American Way Foundation This week CREDO activists joined our allies at People for the American Way,, and other groups at a rally on the front steps of the Supreme Court on to send… Read More

Fighting for a fair Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Every month, CREDO donates almost $200,000 to three amazing progressive nonprofits. We choose the three groups, then members and activists vote to decide how we divide up the money. This month, your vote is especially important. President Obama… Read More

CREDO’s March donation recipients say thanks

Each month, CREDO takes a portion of its revenue, which adds up to nearly $200,000, and donates it to three progressive nonprofits. In March, we funded Brennan Center for Justice, Demand Progress and the National LGBTQ Task Force…. Read More

Victory: New rules to stop Wall Street retirement scams

We just won a big victory on investment reform, and already Republicans are siding with financial interests to try and strip it away. More than 100,000 CREDO members spoke out for strong new rules protecting Americans’ retirement savings… Read More