2015 CREDO Donations roundup: celebrating $2.4 million given

Thanks to our members, CREDO made a lot of positive progressive change in 2015. We raised $2.4 million for some of the nation’s best progressive organizations—and we couldn’t have done it without our customers. Just by using our donation-linked products… Read More

How progressives won in 2015

 The past few months have been both challenging and inspiring for progressive activists. When you work for social justice, equality, and peace, you never get a break and you’re always in the middle of an important grassroots fight…. Read More

3 reasons why your Android is better with Marshmallow OS

The Marshmallow operating system (OS) is coming soon to many of our Android devices, and has some delicious new features you’ll want to try. This free software upgrade will become available over the next few months, and you’ll… Read More

What Republicans can actually do to make us safer

This week marks three years since 20 first graders and six educators were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Since Sandy Hook, gun violence has continued unabated in the United States because Congress has done… Read More

Now and always, CREDO stands with Planned Parenthood

The violent attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado last month shook us all. But it also strengthened our resolve to defend women’s rights from extremists everywhere, whether in our communities or on Capitol Hill. Planned Parenthood… Read More

7 questions for CREDO cofounder Laura Scher

It’s not easy to run a socially responsible business, to offer products that make sense for your customers, make revenue for your company—and make change for the world. But it can be done. CREDO has done it for… Read More

Celebrating $80 million in donations

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