Taking your CREDO phone abroad this summer?

With summer approaching, you may be planning to travel outside the U.S. If you’re taking your CREDO Mobile phone with you, there are a few things you should know before you go.

  1. International Services have changed. You may have traveled internationally with your CREDO Mobile phone in the past and we want you to know about important changes in your services while traveling. Please be sure to review changes at credomobile.com/travel.
  2. Your phone must be enabled for international use. Please call us at 800-411-0848 at least 10 business days before your trip so we can enable your phone for international voice and text use.
  3. International service is not included in your regular monthly fees. Be sure to review service availability and rates by phone and country.

To learn more about using your CREDO Mobile phone internationally, visit credomobile.com/travel.

Traveling in the U.S.? Check domestic coverage.