San Francisco men support abortion rights

Issues of reproductive freedom impact women, their children, their families and their communities, so protecting abortion rights should be important to all of us. Too often the media classifies abortion and the fight for abortion access as just… Read More

Who we’re funding in June

Every month CREDO gives you the opportunity to vote to distribute our donations. Here’s how it works. We select three progressive nonprofits and commit to donating a portion of our monthly revenue to them—more than $150,000—based on your… Read More

CREDO’s May donations recipients say thanks

Thanks to our customers and the revenue they generate, CREDO donates more than $150,000 to three progressive nonprofits every month. In May, we funded Amnesty International USA, Pesticide Action Network North America and Women for Women International. Over… Read More

Women for Women International visits CREDO headquarters

Economic security is an integral part of women’s ability to achieve full equality and freedom. Here in the U.S., CREDO activists are helping fight for equal pay, raise the minimum wage, and guarantee paid sick and family leave…. Read More

CREDO’s April donations recipients want to say thank you

Thanks to our customers and the revenue they generate, CREDO donates tens of thousands of dollars to three progressive nonprofits every month. In April, we funded three groups fighting to ensure Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Merrick… Read More

Who we’re funding in May and why

In May, CREDO will donate tens of thousands of dollars each to three amazing progressive nonprofits. You have the opportunity to vote on how CREDO will divide this pool of money. This month, we’ve chosen three exceptional organizations… Read More

The National LGBTQ Task Force visits CREDO Headquarters

We’ve made a lot of progress for LGBTQ rights in recent years. Large majorities of the American public now favor nondiscrimination laws, hate crime laws, and relationship recognition for gay and lesbian couples. States and cities across the… Read More

Fighting for a fair Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Every month, CREDO donates almost $200,000 to three amazing progressive nonprofits. We choose the three groups, then members and activists vote to decide how we divide up the money. This month, your vote is especially important. President Obama… Read More

CREDO’s March donation recipients say thanks

Each month, CREDO takes a portion of its revenue, which adds up to nearly $200,000, and donates it to three progressive nonprofits. In March, we funded Brennan Center for Justice, Demand Progress and the National LGBTQ Task Force…. Read More

Help stop the Republican Supreme Court Obstructionist Club: Round up your bill

At CREDO, we’re doing all we can to fight back against and call attention to Republicans’ unprecedented Supreme Court obstruction and hold them accountable for their cynical effort to block the nomination of Merrick Garland and appoint another right-wing judge… Read More