To Resist Trump, We Need To Stand As One

Less than a month ago, many questioned the future and unity of the progressive movement. Today, we stand united, and we are pushing back on Trump’s and the Republican party’s thoughtless and selfish initiatives. For those of you who have marched in protests, signed petitions, called lawmakers, and raised a ruckus, thank you. If you’re on the edge of action, please let me persuade you to join us.

Coming off a surprising electoral college win, Donald Trump wasted no time before attempting to dismantle our democracy. He filled his administration with appointees who continually undermine our values and who are openly antagonistic toward a majority of Americans. Already, he has abused his power with unconstitutional, racist, and disturbing executive orders.

But not even 24 hours after Trump’s swearing-in, the progressive movement sprang into action. Millions took to the streets to stand up for women’s rights and against Trump’s misogyny in marches across the country and around the world. A week later, grassroots protests sprung up organically across the country’s major airports to fight back against Trump’s Muslim ban. Hundreds of thousands of Americans – many of whom have never taken political action before – have marched, protested, signed petitions and flooded Capitol Hill phone lines. Read More

The ACLU, Demos and Electronic Frontier Foundation want to say thank you

Each month, CREDO members vote on how we distribute over $150,000 to three amazing organizations fighting for progressive causes. Now, more than ever, our donations are helping these groups make a vital difference in standing up for progressive values. Last month, over 86,000 CREDO members voted on how to distribute our January funds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Demos and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

These donations are made possible by thousands of CREDO customers and the revenue they generate through using our services. Their distribution depends entirely on the votes of CREDO members–like you. And for that, our January recipients thank you.

American Civil Liberties Union
“Thank you for supporting the ACLU! CREDO and our supporters come through loud and clear with our commitment to an America that is more just and more free. We are so grateful to have you standing with us as we safeguard the Constitution.” To learn more, visit Read More

5 Documentaries that progressives will love

Graphic - Documentaries to watch
Documentaries remain one of the most powerful storytelling methods that progressives have used to not only share important information, but also influence people’s hearts and minds. With the plethora of online and on demand video services available, it has never been easier to watch and enjoy this powerful medium.

Here are five documentaries that I would absolutely recommend you watch, enjoy, learn something from and potentially be inspired to action.

Before the Flood (2016)
1 hour 35 min | Directed by Fisher Stevens

“Before the Flood” is a documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens that premiered on the National Geographic Channel in the fall of 2016. In the film, DiCaprio travels around the world to demonstrate the impact of climate change.

Climate change is one of the most critical problems facing the planet, and the film makers seek to use DiCaprio’s star power, which they acknowledge has downsides, to demonstrate the damage climate change is causing our planet now and its future impact. The film itself is a call to action ending with an interview between President Barack Obama and DiCaprio.

Available to stream on Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

1 hour 40 min | Directed by Ava DuVernay Read More

The Women’s March: What We Learned, and What Comes Next

On Jan. 21, 2017, more than 5 million people participated in Women’s Marches around the world, demonstrating that we will fight Trump’s agenda of hate and bigotry. In doing so, they united a global community of progressives who stand for human dignity, equality and justice. While it’s still fresh in our minds, I wanted to reflect on this historic event.

Many us on the team here at CREDO participated in Women’s Marches around the country as well as the spontaneous airport protests against Trump’s Muslim ban last weekend. I want to share some of our stories. They provide insight into the nature of activism and how we can sustain it.

For my part, I knew something very special was happening by the time I reached my connecting flight in Atlanta on Friday. The number of pink Pussyhats was astounding. The flights to Washington had to be 90 percent women. The March effectively started at the airport and our gate. The plane was like a party bus. Passengers were high fiving, sharing stories, taking selfies with strangers and discussing why we all came from so far to march.

Some people judge a protest by its success or failure in achieving a goal. What they miss is that the choice to protest createscommunity. That’s the solidarity I felt so strongly on the flight to the Women’s March in Washington. Leah on the team here at CREDO, felt that too.

“I saw the best in humanity. The BART trains to Oakland were packed, but people were helping each other. When we marched toward a barricade, we all worked together to help an older woman get over. At one point, a parent behind me was holding up his kid and getting tired. ‘Put her on my shoulders!’ I said.” – Leah Edun Read More

Your December impact will be felt throughout 2017

Due to the extraordinary nature of the November election, CREDO decided to do something a little different with our donations in December. We chose to double our monthly contribution to progressive nonprofits to $300,000. And instead of asking you to to vote to distribute the funding between three groups, we included 15 organizations focused on three issues areas that will be absolutely critical to fighting back against Trump’s dangerous agenda in 2017 and beyond:

Tens of thousands of CREDO members voted and now the donations results are finally in. Check out how much each group received and learn how your votes and support are making a significant impact for these organizations in 2017. Read More

Vote for these groups fighting the Trump agenda in February

Every month CREDO Mobile lets you decide how we divide more than $150,000 in contributions among three incredible progressive nonprofits. Each of the groups selected for February funding is doing critical work to obstruct Trump’s dangerous agenda in the areas of civil rights, media accountability and environmental justice.

This month you can vote for the Center for Media and Democracy, Free Press or Friends of the Earth Action. Learn more about these organizations and their work, and then cast your vote for one, two or all three by Feb. 28.

Center for Media and Democracy logoCenter for Media and Democracy
The Center for Media and Democracy investigates corruption and the undue influence of corporations on media and democracy. They are a fierce watchdog and experts in exposing the bad guys, like ALEC and the Kochs.

Support from CREDO members will ensure that the Center for Media and Democracy is able to break time-sensitive stories to the public and combat right-wing groups’ disinformation on major public policy issues, which will be on the rise with the Trump administration. Read More

The Resistance is Strong. Here are your CREDO Protest Posters

I spent much of Saturday afternoon and evening at San Francisco International Airport, as part of a massive, spontaneous protest against Trump’s Muslim ban. While I was at SFO, people were joining together at airports across the country. On Sunday, people gathered again. There will be more rallies this week.
Trump spent his first week in office targeting immigrants, refugees and Muslims. The signs and chants at this weekend’s rallies made clear why people had come out and come together: to fiercely resist Trump’s racism, xenophobia and hate and put officials in our communities on notice that we expect them to reject Trump’s dangerous agenda and stand with the communities he threatens.

Given Trump’s extreme right-wing agenda and the Republicans in Congress who seem willing to enable him, we’ll engage relentlessly to send a powerful message that people all over the country reject Trump’s hate and will resist him with everything we’ve got.

We want to help you share your progressive message loudly at every turn. So, we’re sharing some of our most recent CREDO signs (free!) plus tips for printing. We’ll keep adding more posters as we continue the fight against Trump.

Please share and by all means send us a picture of your CREDO sign in action. Just mention us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or use #CREDO and #CREDOMobile and we’ll see it.

Download Your Free Poster

Download Not In Our Name (PDF) – 17×11 in.
Download Not In Our Name (PDF) – 18×24 in. Read More

The AT&T merger is not in the public interest. #Resist

There was an article in The Hill this week noting that the AT&T merger with Time Warner was structured in such a way that the companies do not have to demonstrate to the FCC that the transaction is “in the public interest.”

This came after a letter was sent to the two companies’ CEOs from Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker. They wrote:

“To achieve greater transparency for regulators, lawmakers, and American consumers, we ask that you provide us with a public interest statement detailing how you plan to ensure that the transaction benefits consumers, promotes competition, remedies all potential harms, and further serves the public interest through the broader policy goals of the Communications Act.”

Regardless of AT&T or Time Warner’s response, we know these companies don’t act in the public interest, your interest or on behalf of your values. Read More

Three handy features in Apple’s new support app

There’s a great new way to get tech help for any of your Apple products that gathers all support options in one convenient, dedicated application. Apple has released its Apple Support app and it’s available for free download at the iOS App Store.

You just launch the app and sign in with your Apple ID. A list of all your Apple ID-registered devices will appear on the app’s home screen. Select the device that’s giving you trouble, then browse among the support topics.

The app provides solutions for just about any glitch you can imagine, with easy and effective fixes for common issues like:

Forgot iCloud Username or Password: The app walks you through the recovery process in simple steps. Read More

The final results of our 2016 donations program are in

Read More