VICTORY: Maryland passes fracking ban

We won. This week, the Maryland Senate passed legislation to permanently ban fracking in the state. As the bill had already passed in the House, the only step left now is Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature. Gov. Hogan initially did not support the ban, but thanks to CREDO members and all the other Marylanders who raised their voices, he reversed course and said he would sign it into law.1

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This victory was the result of powerful, sustained grassroots activism – including the efforts of thousands of CREDO members. Over 7,000 CREDO members signed the petition to Maryland lawmakers and Gov. Hogan. CREDO members made 415 calls to Senate President Mike Miller and Gov. Hogan. And CREDO members joined the Don’t Frack Maryland coalition and other allies to march in Annapolis to demand the fracking ban. Read More

An update from Heidi Hess, CREDO Action senior campaign manager

Last year, we spoke with Heidi Hess, CREDO Action senior campaign manager, about CREDO’s activism pushing back against right-wing attacks on women. We wanted to reach back out to get a update on the state of women’s rights. Heidi took a few minutes to chat with us. Read More

New video: Combating climate change in the Trump era with

Our fight to combat climate change and stop the fossil fuel industry is becoming more important than ever. Donald Trump’s new Environmental Protection Agency administrator, climate-denier Scott Pruitt, has spent his career attempting to dismantle the agency he now oversees.

With Pruitt at the helm, climate denial could become more mainstream, especially as “fake news” and “alternative facts” have recently been trending topics. But the truth is the threat from climate change is real, and time is running out.

That’s why it was an honor to welcome May Boeve, executive director of, to CREDO headquarters Tuesday, Feb. 21 for a conversation about climate justice in the Trump era.

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CREDO Co-founder Laura Scher: Speak, Act and Resist Together

The progressive movement faces a Republican administration determined to unravel more than a half century of social progress. With the stakes so high, we felt International Women’s Day was the right time to catch back up with Laura Scher, co-founder of CREDO.

When Laura launched CREDO/Working Assets in 1985, the for-profit model of social change didn’t exist. She and her co-founders pioneered it. Since then, CREDO has donated more than $83 million to progressive nonprofits, many of which are leading the fight against Trump’s hateful agenda. We dove into the impact of his agenda on women’s rights first.

1. Laura, talk to us about the state of women’s rights. What are the most pressing risks and opportunities?

Let me give you the good news first. Women’s rights, by and large, are at an all-time high. Birth control wasn’t fully legalized at the federal level until 1972. Take a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come since then. Read More

This International Women’s Day, see how fighting for women’s equality is at the heart of the CREDO mission

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CREDO Joins Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Support of Gavin Grimm and Transgender Rights

I am extremely pleased to share with you that CREDO has joined a “friend of the court” brief in support of transgender student Gavin Grimm. This case is deeply important to us because it is everything we stand for as a company: we #StandWithGavin, for LGBTQ rights and for equality. Please read our press release about joining HRC and 53 other companies in the brief.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CREDO, the mobile carrier with a conscience, has joined an amicus brief in support of Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old transgender student who faces discrimination at school. This month, as the Supreme Court reviews G.G. v. Gloucester County, CREDO stands with Gavin and the LGBTQ community. Read More

Listen to our call with Senator Warren

Our activism works.

We had a great call with Sen. Elizabeth Warren last week. Sen. Warren addressed over 9,000 CREDO members to discuss our ongoing resistance against Donald Trump’s dangerous administration.

Sen. Warren reminded us that our grassroots activism is pivotal to stopping Trump’s hateful agenda. She thanked CREDO members for everything we have been doing to stand up to Trump’s bigotry and hate, and inspired us to dig into the work ahead to defend immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, women, the social safety net, public education and our environment.

We are glad so many of you were able to join us, and we want to apologize to anyone who was not able to get on the call because of technical difficulties. Here is a link to the recording of the call if you would like to listen now or share it with your friends or family:

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Vote to support these progressive groups fighting Trump’s agenda in March

Every month CREDO Mobile lets you decide how we divide more than $150,000 in contributions among three incredible progressive nonprofits. In March we’ve chosen to support three groups focusing on three vital areas of the progressive agenda: fair tax reform, immigrant rights and climate justice. This month you can vote for Americans for Tax Fairness, Detention Watch Network and Rainforest Action Network. Learn more about these organizations and their work, and then cast your vote for one, two or all three by March 31.

Americans for Tax Fairness
Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) is leading the national effort to demand that the rich and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes. While corporations have lobbyists, citizens have ATF fighting for a system that works for all, not the wealthy few.

Support from CREDO members will help ATF continue to prevent corporate mergers and tax cuts for the wealthy that come at a cost to average citizens. A CREDO grant will allow the organization to continue producing reports, fact sheets and op-eds to educate the public about these deals and other important tax policies. Read More

CREDO introduces Amazon Alexa voice command

Thanks to our partnership with Witlingo, we’re the first political activist group to launch an Amazon Alexa skill. Simply saying “Alexa, ask CREDO for the latest news” will allow progressives to stay on top of the latest news and calls to action.

CREDO’s CEO Ray Morris recently told Voicebot why we chose to develop an Alexa voice command:

“In the past year, we have looked to new channels to persist our message because it is an important one. We support important causes like human rights, basic civil liberties, women’s rights and the environment. Because of this, our members come in many shapes and sizes and different social and economic backgrounds. We’re always looking for a new channel to find new audiences who like what we’re saying and want to support our progressive network. Alexa seemed like a natural extension for us.”

Head over to to read our full interview to learn more about how AI can work with progressive action to create change.

After a record-breaking CREDO Donations month, our February grantees say thanks

Each month, CREDO members and activists vote on how we distribute over $150,000 to three amazing organizations fighting for progressive causes. We’re making sure these donations are reaching the hands of organizations that are on the forefront of resisting the Trump agenda. Last month, a record-breaking 104,000 CREDO members voted on how to distribute our February funds to the Center for Media and Democracy, Free Press and Friends of the Earth Action, three groups taking specific actions against Trump’s policies.

These donations are made possible by thousands of CREDO customers and the revenue they generate through using our services. Their distribution depends entirely on the votes of CREDO members like you. And for that, our February grant recipients thank you.

Center for Media and Democracy
“Thank you for voting to fund the powerful investigations of the Center for Media and Democracy. Your support will help us fight corruption and expose the Trump cabal, the Kochs, ALEC, corporations and their front groups. Thank you for all you do to help make our world a better place.” To learn more, visit

Free Press
“Thank you for your continued support and partnership! CREDO members like you help make it possible for Free Press to amplify the voices of our 900,000 members in the fight to save the internet, protect privacy and safeguard press freedom.” To learn more, visit

Friends of the Earth Action
“Thank you for your continued support and partnership! CREDO members like you help make it possible for Friends of the Earth Action to stand up for our environment. The threats to clean water, air and our food system have never been more serious. But the movement to protect our planet and all the life it supports has never been more fired up! Thank you for being partners with CREDO and Friends of the Earth Action as we work for change.” To learn more, visit

Check out the three progressive groups we are funding in March, and cast your vote to help distribute our donations.

CREDO members who use our products every day are the reason why we are able to make these donations each month. Learn more about CREDO Mobile, the carrier with a conscience.