CREDO activists standing for transgender equality

Transgender Equality

Nearly 150,000 CREDO members so far this year have stood up for transgender equality by taking action to fight back against hateful, bigoted anti-transgender laws in states across the country. Fighting back against discriminatory laws at the local, state and national level is essential to ensuring full equality, but we also have to proactively work to make American culture more inclusive of transgender people.

We believe a crucial way for our communities to be more inclusive is to acknowledge and affirm that every person has the right to define their own gender and to be referred to using their correct gender pronouns. Referring to someone using incorrect gender pronouns — misgendering them — contributes to the violence and oppression that people in the transgender community face every day

Our friend Evan Greer, a queer musician who is also the Campaign Director at Fight for the Future, is misgendered in the media on a regular basis. When she launched a campaign calling on traditional corporate media to confirm gender pronouns with every source, we asked her how we could help. Read More

New video: A message to CREDO members from Amnesty International USA

Margaret Huang, Amnesty International USA’s executive director, and Bruce Temkin, the organization’s national director of major gifts, visited the CREDO office in San Francisco on July 26th, 2016. They came to thank CREDO members for their support in May’s donations voting, which resulted in a contribution of $61,854 to Amnesty International USA.

While in the office, Huang discussed Amnesty’s plans for the next four years and took questions from CREDO staff. We created a brief and inspiring video sharing some highlights of the visit.

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Where to find outstanding 2016 election coverage

2016 elections graphic
Where are we getting our election news in 2016? With thousands of media outlets covering the election, CREDO thought we would share with you some of our favorite places to get news about the election. These aren’t mainstream media sites, but ones that will give you in-depth progressive analysis.

DailyKos Elections
The biggest progressive blog in the country also provides some of the best election coverage. Not only covering the presidential election, but also critical Senate and even local races, the DailyKos Elections team brings you information you won’t get anywhere else.

With a morning digest and a live news feed throughout the day, you can keep up to date with all the latest election news, polling and inside scoops from around the country.

Mother Jones – The Trump Files
In 2012 Mother Jones uncovered Mitt Romney’s 47 percent video. Now, in 2016, their election team is back with coverage that would make any opposition researcher jealous. The magazine’s Trump Files project digs deep into the GOP nominee’s background, providing you with the resources and facts that will help you win the water cooler. Read More

7 Twitter accounts every progressive should follow

Who do you follow on Twitter? What progressives have the most interesting feeds and share the best information? Here is our list of some thoughts that people in the CREDO Mobile HQ office had about who you should follow on Twitter.

Of course we have to start with Senator Elizabeth Warren. If you are not following @ElizabethForMA you are missing out. No account on Twitter has gotten more under Donald Trump’s skin or made him more irritated.

Cha Lorena is a staff attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT & AIDS Project. He also founded the Lorena Borjas Community Fund, which provides direct bail/bond assistance to LGBTQ immigrants in criminal and immigration cases. His legal expertise in these areas is unmatched, as is the insight he shares on Twitter.

Imani Gandy wears many hats. She is the Senior Legal Analyst at Rewire News, the co-host of This Week in Blackness, and a prolific tweeter on issues of race and gender equality. Her writing is punchy and powerful, just as Twitter should be.

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Who’s on the CREDO Donations ballot in August

What makes CREDO a different type of mobile company?

Every month we contribute more than $150,000 to three amazing progressive nonprofits and we let you decide how we divide this pool of money.

For August we’ve selected, Color Of Change and Rewire. Each of these groups is a critical part of the progressive infrastructure. Take a minute to learn about their exciting work and then vote for one, two or all three. Read More

CREDO Activists and the movement for Black lives

At the beginning of July, we saw, in horrific detail, the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police. At the end of the month, Baltimore prosecutors’ attempt to hold Baltimore police officers accountable for Freddie Gray’s homicide ended without a single conviction.

These heart-wrenching bookends to a tragic month serve as a stark reminder of the ways white supremacy and systemic racism stack the deck of the criminal justice system against African-Americans. Police officers take Black lives. Mainstream media smears the victim. Prosecutors tip the scales in favor of police offenders. Police who kill and the departments face no consequences.

Eliminating the daily threat to Black lives posed by law enforcement will require systemic change, and demands action from all of us. That’s why the CREDO Action team is grateful to be able to partner with our friends at Color Of Change, one of this month’s donations recipients, on campaigns that pull systemic levers and seek to make change on a national scale. Read More

July’s CREDO Donations recipients say thank you

Every month, CREDO donates more than $150,000 thanks to our customers and the revenue they generate by using our services. In July, we funded Earthjustice, Social Security Works and United We Dream. A record-breaking 88,000 CREDO members voted on how to divide our funds to these hard-hitting groups—and they want to say thank you. Read More

WATCH: Dangerous Donald can’t be trusted with nuclear codes

Last week, Donald Trump encouraged an adversarial foreign power — Russia — to cyberspy on a secretary of state’s emails: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he said referring to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

But even before that, Trump’s temperament and tendency to lash out at critics have raised serious questions about his fitness to have access to the nation’s nuclear codes. In a new video launched today, CREDO uses the words of Sen. Bernie Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Sec. Hillary Clinton to make the case that Donald Trump can not be trusted with access to nuclear weapons or classified national security briefings.

WATCH “Dangerous Donald” now:

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PRESSURE MOUNTING: 135,000+ Petition DNI Clapper to Withhold Security Briefings from Trump


Pressure is building on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper not to allow Donald Trump to be given classified national security briefings. Since Wednesday: Read More

MUST WATCH: Reverend William J. Barber II on Reviving the Heart of Our Democracy

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to watch Reverend William J. Barber II’s powerful remarks Thursday at the Democratic National Convention:

A transcript of Rev. Barber’s remarks can be found below. Read More