Top three things you can do in Member Services

The online account management tool called Member Services is a fantastic tool for anything and everything related to your CREDO Mobile account.

1. Make payments
You have several payment options conveniently available within Member Services. There’s an orange payment button on the member dashboard (the first page you’ll see when you log in) where you can make a one-time payment. You can also enroll in autopay, the worry-free way to pay your bill on time each month. Read More

New video tutorial: How to save battery life on your phone

There are endless activities to do on a cellphone these days–from navigation to social media. All of these take a toll on battery life. If you’re like most people, you find yourself charging your device several times each day and have mild anxiety about running out of juice when you need it the most. While smartphone technology has been advancing at an unimaginable pace, phone batteries have unfortunately not seen much improvement. Watch this 90-second video for a few tips on maximizing battery life.

And here are more tips & tricks to get the most out of your CREDO Mobile phone.

September donations voting made a big difference

Here at CREDO even small actions make a big difference. With one click, you can help improve the lives of low-wage workers, stop the offshoring of U.S. jobs and support civil rights.

In September, over 65,000 CREDO members did just that. They voted in our monthly donations election and helped us distribute over $150,000 to OUR Walmart, Public Citizen – Stop the TPP and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

These donations are made possible by thousands of CREDO customers and the revenue they generate by using our services. Their distribution depends entirely on the votes of CREDO activists—like you. And for that, our September recipients thank you. Read More

Side-by-side comparison: Photo management in iOS 10 versus Android

Graphic: Google Photos v iOS 10

Back in the day, when I went anywhere photo-worthy, I had to bring this thing called a camera. Then, I’d get a roll of film printed—inevitably some of the photos would be total garbage.

Hello, 2016. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how much digital and smartphone photography would impact culture and technology. But here we are, with powerful cameras in our pockets for capturing all of life’s moments from the beauty of a newborn to the tragedies arising from excessive police force.

The modern problem is less of “I spent too much money printing garbage photos” and more of “oh my goodness, did I really need to take 7 photos of my brunch plate? Who has time to go through and delete all these?!” Thankfully, modern smartphone technology is making photo management a little easier.

When Apple launched its newest iPhone software, iOS 10, it made some vast improvements to its photo management tool, the native Photos app that comes on any new iPhone. Google Photos for Android has been ahead of the curve for some time now.

If photography is an important part of how you choose your smartphone, here’s a handy side-by-side comparison of the platforms’ capabilities: Read More

New video: Southern Poverty Law Center and CREDO: Fighting hate, extremism and Trumpism

On September 19, Richard Cohen and Heidi Beirich, the president and director of the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), respectively, visited the CREDO office. Over the years, CREDO has contributed more than $100,000 to the SPLC, a September 2016 CREDO Donations recipient, and we will continue to support its critical mission of fighting bigotry and hate.

During their visit, the SPLC reviewed their recent litigation successes of standing up for victims of discrimination and hate and discussed their current efforts to take technical and financial resources out of the hands of hate groups. Read More

Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access pipeline is Keystone XL all over again. It’s slated to carry 450,000 barrels of dirty oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois, cutting through fragile wildlife habitat, environmentally sensitive areas and sovereign tribal property. Worse, the pipeline would travel under the Missouri River, threatening the drinking water of millions of people downstream if a catastrophic oil spill were to occur.

While the Obama administration announced a few weeks ago that “construction of the pipeline on Army Corps land bordering or under Lake Oahe will not go forward at this time,” this fight is far from over.

The Standing Rock Sioux are leading the fight, and they have inspired a wave of grassroots activism around the country. CREDO has played a critical role, including collecting more than 265,000 petition signatures and making thousands of calls to the White House. We also produced this video to highlight the local indigenous people and grassroots activists leading the fight: Read More

Three progressive groups we’re funding in October

It’s a new month and that means three new organizations to choose from in our donations election. This month you’ll decide how we divide more than $150,000 between three amazing progressive groups: Bold, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Other98.

Each of these organizations is doing incredibly important work to fight for causes that progressives stand for: the environment, civil rights and economic justice. They are effective, they are aggressive and they each have a track record of success.

Learn about each organization’s impressive work and then vote for one, two or all three. Read More

VICTORY: Alabama judge Roy Moore suspended from the bench

Our activism works.

Friday, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary suspended Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore from the bench for using his office and his authority to block marriage equality.

Last January, more than 53,000 CREDO activists pushed back on Judge Moore’s hateful and bigoted misuse of power. They recognized that despite the fact that LGBTQ people could marry in all 50 states, the fight for equality for LGBTQ Americans was far from over.

In the last nine months, CREDO members have also pushed back against extremist state legislators’ attempts to pass anti-transgender laws. Most notably, CREDO members helped force the NBA and NCAA to pull major games from North Carolina in response to the state’s discriminatory anti-transgender law, HB 2.

The massive opposition to HB 2 is having a chilling effect in other states like Texas where right-wing extremist legislators are trying to push similar anti-LGBTQ bills. Alabama’s strong rebuke of Judge Moore will send a similar message to other anti-LGBTQ public officials that there will be a price to pay for obstructing equality.

You can help add more voices to this important work and celebrate the power of our collective activism by sharing the news of this victory with your friends and family.

Click here to share on Facebook.

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We look forward to continuing to work together to fight for LGBTQ equality.

Thank you for your activism. It clearly matters.

WATCH: The fight to vote in 2016

The right to vote is under attack. In states across the country, conservatives have enacted discriminatory photo ID laws, cut back early voting, eliminated polling locations and done everything they can think of to make it harder for people to vote.

How did it come to that, today, in 2016? Find out by watching a video CREDO just co-produced with the Brennan Center for Justice on the fight to vote in 2016:

Read More

5 Questions for our VP of Engineering & Product, Haruko

Haruko Kurata, VP of Engineering and Product at CREDO
Haruko Kurata is CREDO Mobile’s Vice President of Engineering and Product. She makes the complex operational puzzles involved in telecommunications look easy to navigate. Here at CREDO, Haruko is admired for her technical know-how, amazing negotiation skills and upbeat attitude. Get to know her in these five questions.

1. What is the best part of working for CREDO Mobile?
The people. When I first joined CREDO, I was struck by the uniqueness of the culture. We have smart and caring employees who are definitely different. I had worked at a medium-sized public company as well as a startup before coming to CREDO, and CREDO has a personal and tight-knit family culture that I had not experienced before. We are genuine and deliberate in what we do, and it makes for a purposeful culture and workplace.

2. Which progressive cause do you care about most?
I have always admired the ACLU and their work on human rights. Despite the fact that we should all have protected, basic human rights, terrible things happen to particularly vulnerable populations – women, children, minorities, immigrants. I am grateful there are organizations like the ACLU that work to defend civil liberties for everyone. Read More