Tuesday Tip: How to digitize your old photos

Tuesday Tip: How to digitize your old photos Photographs. On paper. Remember them? If you’re of a certain age, you probably have a bunch of them in a box somewhere. Probably some really cool ones that’d look great… Read More

Tuesday Tip: How Mobile Payment Works

Tuesday Tip: How mobile payment works Two years of your life. If you’re an average American, that’s the amount of time you’ll spend waiting in line. Some of it can’t be helped. Like airport security. But some of… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 4 Steps to Reduce Your Waste

4 Steps to Reduce Your Waste The world has a gargantuan garbage problem. People now produce more than 2 billion tons of waste every year, most of which is burned, buried or shoved into the sea. At the… Read More

AT&T is one of the NSA’s “most trusted partners”

We’ve known for a while that AT&T was working hand-in-hand with the NSA to spy on Americans’ internet traffic. But a new investigative report by the Intercept revealed the eight cities where AT&T hosts “wiretap rooms” for the… Read More

4 Apps to Help Parents Set Limits on Children’s Cell Phones

Four parental control apps to help protect children on their phones Kids and phones. It’s a quandary for parents. You want your kids to have a phone so you can stay in touch, but you don’t want your… Read More

Tuesday Tip: Raising and supporting activists in the age of Trump (with 5 book recommendations)

Here at CREDO, we know how important it is to raise an activist child, especially in the age of Trump. We also know how difficult it can be to figure out how to talk to children about the… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 7 Tips to Improve Your Landscape Phone Photography

7 Tips to Improve Your Landscape Phone Photography Ansel Adams once remarked that “landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer—and often the supreme disappointment.” And he wasn’t even using a smartphone camera with a lens –… Read More

Free Posters to Download for Families Belong Together March on June 30

Donald Trump doesn’t care about immigrant children, and his recent executive order does nothing to help children still separated from their parents and families who are being detained and jailed at the border. The massive outrage over Trump’s… Read More

Tuesday Tip: 5 Ways to Have a Greener BBQ

5 Ways to Have a Greener BBQ With summer approaching and the Fourth of July right around the corner, you might be sweeping the leaves off the ol’ BBQ and wire-brushing the grill. Well, we don’t want to… Read More

PRIDE 2018 Free Posters to Download

June is Pride Month, and here at CREDO, we’re celebrating along with our friends and allies in the LGBTQ community. We know that with LGBTQ rights under constant attack by Trump, extremists in Congress, and elected officials in… Read More