CREDO members join more than 1 million activists for gun control

The recent horrific mass shootings in Las Vegas, Nevada and Sutherland Springs, Texas are two of the deadliest in modern U.S. history. Yet, in the wake of such violence and death, politicians – mostly Republicans beholden to the… Read More

CREDO and Bold are fighting dirty oil pipelines hand in hand

What began with an activist taking on a dirty oil pipeline in deep-red Nebraska has grown into a multi-state coalition of unlikely allies successfully fighting Big Oil interests. In 2010, Jane Kleeb founded Bold Nebraska in the hopes… Read More

New video: Jane Kleeb of the Bold Alliance visits CREDO headquarters

Jane Kleeb, founder of the Bold Alliance, joined CREDO for a special conversation to discuss how the organization tackled the Keystone XL pipeline and its recent work with CREDO and other environmental groups on the Solar XL project…. Read More

Resisting Trump’s racist war on Dreamers

If there’s one singular issue that solidified Donald Trump’s core racist base during his campaign — and now his occupation of the White House — it’s his blind hatred of immigrants. From his absurd proposal to build a… Read More

VICTORY: California enacts landmark legislation to protect immigrants

We just threw a huge wrench in Donald Trump’s deportation agenda. Thanks to the relentless activism of our friends at the ICE Out of California Coalition and tens of thousands of CREDO members, Gov. Brown signed the California… Read More

Activism works: CREDO members helped to defeat Trumpcare again

Progressive grassroots activists, including hundreds of thousands of dedicated CREDO members, saved health care coverage for tens of millions of Americans – yet again. Despite right-wing extremist Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s best efforts, some Senate Republicans… Read More

As CREDO fights for civil rights, AT&T stands with Trump’s bigotry

Recently, in response to Donald Trump’s vile and racist comments about professional athletes, hundreds of National Football League (NFL) players kneeled and linked arms during the national anthem in a tremendous show of unity with their fellow players… Read More

CREDO stands up to protect our precious public lands

Republicans’ longtime plan to hand over national parks, monuments and other public lands to developers and the fossil fuel industry has a very good friend in Donald Trump. During his campaign, Trump made every indication he would be… Read More

How you can help those affected by Hurricane Irma

For the second time in just a few weeks, a massive and highly destructive hurricane — Hurricane Irma — hit the United States, causing untold damage, displacing millions, and killing dozens of people. Everyone here at CREDO has… Read More

CREDO and OUR Walmart are standing up for workers’ rights

As the largest corporation in the world, Walmart has the resources to pay its all of its employees a living wage and give them access to consistent, full-time hours. Instead, the company reportedly continues to exploit workers, pay… Read More