What we accomplished together in 2016

The only way to stop Donald Trump is to meet his toxic agenda with fierce resistance at every turn. In 2016, CREDO members showed they know how to do just that. Trump becoming president-elect does not erase the… Read More

Update: Kasich vetoes extreme abortion ban, signs 20-week ban.

In the last few days, CREDO members made hundreds of calls to Gov. Kasich’s office urging him to keep abortion safe and legal in Ohio. On Tuesday, Gov. Kasich vetoed a bill that would have almost completely banned… Read More

6 ways progressives can fight back against Trump

Election night 2016 left progressives shaken. America elected a bigot as president of the United States. Despite the results, we can still fight Donald Trump’s hateful, reckless agenda. At CREDO, where I serve as CEO, we are executing… Read More

VICTORY: Dakota Access pipeline blocked

In a surprise move on Sunday, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement (PDF) needed for the Dakota Access pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, effectively blocking the construction of the pipeline from moving forward at this time.1,… Read More

Victory: We just struck a blow against the right-wing’s agenda of hate

Our activism works. On Tuesday, after facing intense pressure from over 265,000 CREDO members and our allies in the progressive community, congressional Republicans caved and agreed to strip the anti-LGBTQ Russell Amendment from the defense spending bill. The… Read More

Fight back against Trump’s hate (sign the pledge)

It’s happened. A candidate who ran on a platform of hatred, racism and misogyny was just elected president of the United States. While a Trump presidency will attack and assault every progressive value – from defending the environment… Read More

An easy way to get polling place details

Election Day is just a few days away, and no act is more important to our democracy than voting. If you haven’t already voted early or by mail, you’ll want to have your polling place logistics on-hand for… Read More

This election is different

Elections always matter, but 2016 is different. The unprecedented level of toxic bigotry and misogyny coming from Donald Trump is sickening. Normally we discuss the impact of what a president will do in the Oval Office. This year,… Read More

Watch Michelle Obama make a case against Trump like no one else can

At a rally in Arizona, First Lady Michelle Obama denounced Donald Trump’s sexism in an incredibly powerful speech. Watch highlights from her speech in this short video.

Elections 2016: How CREDO is fighting for our progressive values

CREDO does not endorse candidates, but we have a rich history of engaging in elections to fight right-wing extremism and stand up for progressive values. 2016 is no different. Donald Trump’s racist, misogynistic and xenophobic candidacy has mainstreamed… Read More