Four great reasons to Bring Your Own Phone to CREDO Mobile

Do you like your phone but not your phone company? Did you know you can bring a phone to America’s only progressive phone company? Here’s what you need to know.

Why should I choose CREDO Mobile’s Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program?
If you have a phone you already love, why not keep it? Here are four great reasons to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) to CREDO:

  1. You’ll save $20 every month*
  2. You won’t have a 2-year service contract
  3. You’ll keep one more phone out of landfill
  4. If you have progressive values, you’ll love our mission

Tell me more about this $20 off deal.
You’ll receive a $20/month discount on your CREDO Mobile line fee for each BYOP device (discount does not apply to other lines on an account with 2-year contracts).

Which cell phones work with CREDO Mobile?
We accept many phones from major carriers. To see if your phone is eligible, check our list of compatible phones (select Eligible Devices from the menu).

If I’m already a CREDO Mobile customer, can my friends and family join my account when they bring their own phone?
Yes! To add a line of service to your account through our BYOP program, contact customer service at 888-822-7684.

How do I switch to CREDO Mobile’s network?
If you have a SIM card that works on our network (don’t worry, we’ll figure that out for you) you can get up and running in 1-2 business days. If you need a new SIM, we’ll ship you one for free and you’ll be ready in 3-5 business days total. Either way, as soon as you’ve successfully placed your order, we’ll email you instructions. Or, we can handle the details for you when you contact us.

To sum it up: if you like saving money, dislike cell phone contracts, and care about our planet, then CREDO Mobile’s BYOP program just might be the one for you.

*$20/month savings applies to line fee for new BYOP lines.